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"Yes, I saw
them in ecstasy"
Bishop del Val Gallo

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Our Holy Father exclaimed "Garabandal!"

The Pope extended his arms wide as to embrace Loli and her entire family.

On June 21, 1987, Robert Francis Graves III, was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest at St. Peter's Basilica, by Our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II. Fr. Robert's parents were already deceased at the time of his ordination. However, none of his relatives and friends were present, nor did any of them acknowledge his new-found vocation because of his renunciation of fame and wealth in order to follow the call of Christ into the Catholic priesthood.

What Father Robert says is, "In the end Christ conquered. One cannot say 'No' to Love that calls at all times and in all seasons." He is a member of the community of "The Sons of The Divine Will."

On July 23, 1988, during a special general audience with the Pope at the Vatican ... "special" because it was held on Saturday, rather than the usual Wednesday... Father Robert introduced Garabandal Visionary Mari-Loli and family to him. Father Robert who was holding 7 year old Maria Dolores, one of the three Lafleur children, said to the Pope: "Your Holiness, a special blessing for your littlest children who come on behalf of The Blessed Virgin from Garabandal." Our Holy Father exclaimed "Garabandal!". . . And immediately kissed Maria Dolores.

The Pope then blessed Francis her 13 year old brother when he took him by the arm and asked for prayers.

Next the Pope with arms out stretched reached for and kissed their 8 year old sister, Melanie Maria Theresa who was enthralled with the pope and felt right at home with him.

Loli, who before meeting the Pope, viewed the prearranged occasion rather apprehensively. She was concerned about the impact it could possibly have because of her role as one of the world-famous Garabandal visionaries. However, after a visit with Bishop Gallo, the present bishop of the diocese of Santander, Spain, where the apparitions took place and receiving his encouragement, and with prayerful reflection, she resigned herself to the opportunity and accepted it as "God's Will." She simply asked the pope for his blessing and prayers for her family and for herself. The Holy Father placed his hands on her head, and gave his blessing.

Husband Frank, kissed the Holy Father's ring in acknowledgement to his supreme authority in representing Jesus Christ here on earth.

Finally, the Pope extended his arms wide as to embrace Loli and the entire family. Maria Saraco who was also present witnessed the entire episode.