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About Mari-Loli’s Illness

Mari-Loli’s full name is Maria Dolores, or Maria of Sorrows. And true to her name, Loli had indeed suffered for most of her life, the details of which would take many pages. Her final suffering was as follows.

On the 40th anniversary of Our Lady of Carmel's appearance at Garabandal, Spain, July 2nd, Loli entered Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and on the same day had biopsy surgery on her lungs. One cut was made under her breast, another cut under her arm and one on her back. She was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis which had been active for two years without anyone knowing. It was complicated by a very rare form of Lupus, an immune system disorder that she has had to endure for the last 15 years. There are many other health factors that entered into this, that I am not able to explain because I do not even understand them myself. However, it had been classified as "terminal."

Rosaura (Sari), Loli's sister who lives in Garabandal, had asked me to try to organize for Loli, 1 hour of rosary prayers, including Eucharistic Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament in the church at Garabandal, and wherever else it was possible. She also suggested that it be at the same hour worldwide.

This was done on Sunday, July 15th, Vigil of the feast day of Our Lady of Carmel, at the Hour of Mercy. Three to four PM was the designated time for every time zone.

Loli’s family are aware of the many prayers and Holy Masses that were offered on Loli’s behalf. They want everyone to know how grateful they are. Loli told me once that she was also praying to Mother Theresa. She treasured the little medals that Mother Theresa gave her when they met in 1988.

With much appreciation for whatever you have done in soliciting prayers for Loli.


From The Vigil special issue 2002 Question and Answers

Question: I have just read your notice regarding the illness of Mari-Loli and note that it dates back a few months. I wonder do you have any update on her condition?

Answer: The news is both good and bad. As I originally reported, she is terminally ill. According to her doctor and the Massachusetts General Hospital she is in the last stages of Pulmonary Fibrosis. However, a third doctor, a specialist in that field, believes because her oxygen level is good and which is not typical in those who are terminally ill that it is possible that she could live another 20 years. He claims he has never encountered a case like hers... and, calls her a "real mystery." He is a well known and respected doctor in his field and is based at Yale University in Connecticut. Here is a possible explanation... a very realistic explanation, part of a letter that Loli wrote to Father Luis Retenaga on October 13, 1963 when she was only 14 years old: "The Virgin has made me know when a priest is in sin. She has helped me to know that he needs many prayers and sacrifices. Also, She has given me to understand the Crucifixion in The Holy Mass, since I comprehend the humility, the sacrifice for the world. I spoke with The Virgin in a locution and asked Her to give me a cross to suffer for priests. She told me to bear everything with patience and to be humble, which was what pleased God the most. And I said to Her, 'Am I going to die soon?' And She said to me: 'No. You have to remain in the world to suffer. In whatever Place you are you will suffer.' She also told me, 'Pray the Rosary everyday. Pray for priests, since there are some who need more sacrifices for them every day.'" Let us keep praying for Loli and her family. They want everyone to know how thankful they are for our prayers and concern and that we too are remembered in their prayers as well.