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"Yes, I saw
them in ecstasy"
Bishop del Val Gallo

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Maria Saraco's conversation with Julia - Loli's Mother.
The Vigil Oct - Nov - Dec 1972

From left to right -
Maria Saraco editor and publisher of "The Vigil" Sari (Mari-Loli's sister),
Garabandal visionary Mari-Loli, Julia (Mari-Loli's Mother)

I would like to share
with you part of a tape-recorded conversation I had with
Julia, Loli's mother during our visit to GARABANDAL:

"One night, I don't know what was going on, we were in the kitchen, there were only a few of us. There was her (Loli's) father, the policeman from Bilbao and some other strangers. She had a beautiful ecstasy but she cried very very much and everyone seeing her cry naturally would cry too. For certain I would not have said anything and when the ecstasy ended she said the Virgin had asked very very much to look after the priest and I couldn't understand it. I respect them very much and do not approve of anyone criticizing them in my presence. When she said after receiving communion, 'is there anything else we have to ask for other than for priests'? and stood there looking, I don't know what the Virgin instructed her to do but she cried, she cried very much. I couldn't imagine some of the things one hears, which are very true, much less what the Virgin was asking of her which was to pray for priests.

I couldn't conceive such a thought but I said the Lord's prayer for the sanctification of priests and I never miss a day praying for them. I pray for them when I take the animals to graze, I pray when I milk the cows, I pray to the Divine Shepherd for the divine sanctification of priests. Since then I have always prayed for the sanctification of priests in spite of the lack of time, as I went along I always prayed for priests."