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"Yes, I saw
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Letter From Maria Saraco, The Vigil January - April 1997
From left to right - Julia (Mari-Loli's Mother), Mari-Loli

Mari-Loli's 3-day journal written on
April 19-20-21, 1967.
Her death was April 20, 2009.

Dear Friends of the Blessed Virgin Mary:
Peace! Joy! Apostleship!

Several years ago Julia Mazon, the mother of Mari-Loli, one of the four Garabandal visionaries, found some packed-away things long forgotten from the days of the apparitions and beyond. Among these precious objects was a journal Mari-Loli kept while making her retreat in Balmori, Spain, in April 1967. She was not quite 18 years old.

Loli's writings are so deeply profound... never before read or published by anyone but what shines through is her simplicity and sincerity in such a way they cannot but help to increase the spiritual life of one's soul. Her intense desire to be so completely united with the Lord through the Holy Virgin Mary, is so overwhelming that she manages to capture her most intimate thoughts as she takes pen in hand to record them. Never did it cross her mind that one day her writings would shine out with tremendous hope not only to those who profess and try to do the will of God and yet fall so many times but to all humanity particularly the youth in the world. Therefore, I feel compelled to share them with you during this point in time:

1st Day - Spiritual Exercises - April 19, 1967
I am going to start my exercises in which our Lord and the most Holy Virgin will speak to me by means of Rev. Father Gustavo Morelos. I propose to listen with great love and confidence so that our Lord by these means will illuminate my life so I can walk down a righteous path. I desire that in these days of intense union with our Lord and the Blessed Virgin my spiritual ideas will become clear.

Virgin Mary, grant that I through these exercises I may learn to love you as you deserve and wish to be loved. Please don't forsake me not even for an instant. I am so weak that I immediately stumble and fall. Do not permit Oh Lord, that at the final judgment you will ask me to give an account and find my hands empty.

2nd Day - First Talk - Summary of the Talk Regarding Meditations - April 20, 1967
In order to meditate well, it is necessary to keep your mind centered on the theme about which you are meditating because otherwise your imagination will wander to other things that have happened or you might want to do.

Oh Virgin Mary! Help me to be holy and carry the small crosses that you send me with joy and resignation, so that all that I do I will do for the love of your Holy Son and you.

Second Talk - "From Whom Do I Come?"
To think that I am here because of an act of God's love towards me. This alone is enough for me to be good. So many beings in your imagination to whom you have not given life.

Oh Lord! Thank you so much for having chosen me. Help me Lord, so that I can do everything well, and in that way you will be pleased in having selected me.

Why Am I Here?
Oh Lord! I know you have created me to be a saint. Help me to attain this title and try day by day to be more so, that my life may be a continuous act of love towards you. Lord, when I do not feel You near me, don't permit me to be dejected as I am now. Help me, otherwise I cannot have peace and interior joy.

Where Am I Going?
I know Lord that I have to go toward You. Help me so that this idea becomes engraved in my soul. I know this because it has been made know to me through the Holy Church.

3rd Day - Horror of Sin! - April 21, 1967
Lord do not permit me to lose the enormous grace you have given me due to an act of sin. May your grace increase in me each day more and more and may it never be taken away from my soul. It is so grand Lord, to think that you have a place for me in Heaven.

Oh Lord! Help me to acquire it. I know that with my efforts alone I would be unable to do it, but with Your great love which You have for me You aide me so that one day I shall be able to sit in Your celestial glory.


  • At home do not get upset when nobody helps me with my homework, when I think it is not done properly.
  • On the street, show myself agreeable with those who do me harm. This means humble myself so as not to belittle them.
  • When I pray with God our Lord, the principal thing which is the fountain of all the other good acts must not be done routinely particularly when receiving Holy Communion during Holy Mass.

    What is not commonly known at least not in this country is that Loli not only had several locutions with Our Blessed Mother but many with Jesus Himself during the time that the Garabandal apparitions were going on. It seems to me when we reflect on her above notes, we have to admit that it is obvious from her thinking that she was divinely influenced for the sake of her own immortal soul and everyone who may wish to contemplate on its beautiful meaning. This is called inspiration by the Holy Spirit. But we must always remember, it is the message we need to comprehend rather than the messenger. Messengers are at the service of God for our sanctification and the sanctification of all humanity.

    I thank each of you with all my heart for the necessary support I know you will continue to give us both in generosity and in prayer in order to continue making Our Blessed Mother more known and loved in the world.

    May St. Michael accompany us always particularly when we kneel at the feet of Our Lady.

    Pray for me and be sure of my prayers too.
    God Bless You - Maria Saraco

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