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"Yes, I saw
them in ecstasy"
Bishop del Val Gallo

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Regarding the Garabandal major prophecies can you clarify when and what is going to happen in relation to the year 2000 that everyone is talking about?

First of all there were many prophecies foretold at Garabandal. Several have already happened. However, I suggest that you read carefully the Garabandal prophecies listed here on our web site: The Warning, The Miracle, and the Punishment. However, I want to point out two important factors:

1)The Miracle must follow the warning within 12 months, but not necessarily within the same calendar year. This prophecy was told to us by Mari-Loli who Knows the year of The World Wide Warning. She was not told by Our Blessed Mother to announce it or not to announce it. It is not known whether she will eventually tell it or not. Up to now she does not feel she should. She does not know how much time will elapse between the two, only that there could be as much as a 12-month span. She reconfirmed this once again in December 1996. Remember: The Warning first and then The Miracle. Furthermore, we also know that the miracle will happen in the month of April. (The Vigil Jan-April 1988 explains why we no longer consider March and May to be valid.) Conchita knows the exact date and will announce it eight days in advance and the means of communicating the date to the world will (according to what Conchita told me in 1969) be a miracle in itself. She also told me that: "The World Wide Warning must happen Before the announcement of the miracle."

2)When it comes to Garabandal, as far as the year 2000 goes, we must be very careful to not start putting dates and events together to make them fit into what we think or what others have claimed. However, Conchita did say that an important, happy event of the Church will coincide with the day of the miracle. It will be something that has never before happened during her lifetime. It will not be the result of the miracle but rather a coincidence. None of the four visionaries have ever told to me, or to my knowledge anyone else, that the major prophecies must be completed by the year 2000. For sure, we certainly need to prepare ourselves prayerfully through Our Blessed Mother, as our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II has indicated. He has been telling us that 1997 opens the preparatory phase of the Great Jubilee of the year 2000, which holds a very special meaning for all mankind in relationship to the most blessed Trinity.

Lately, I have heard there is a letter of disapproval as of October of 1996 regarding the Garabandal apparitions issued by Bishop Jose Villaplano, the present Bishop from the Santander Diocese. Is this true? Please name the source of whatever answer you give.

Let's get one thing clear once and for all. The Garabandal apparitions have NEVER BEEN CONDEMNED NOR ARE THEY NOW DISAPPROVED. That information has been circulated by an anonymous person or persons to give the impression that Garabandal as of October has been "disapproved." "laid to rest" and other such deceiving descriptive words (The English version of the letter you are referring to, that I have seen has a few very serious translation errors which in those cases actually changes the meaning.) We do not now and never will deal with accusations by those who refuse to acknowledge who they are. Unfortunately so-called "reliable" sources magnify this false attitude by copying and even publishing it without verification. The truth of the matter is that the letter in question is not, I repeat IT IS NOT an official or even a public declaration of anything new regarding Garabandal. The apparitions have been and continue to be classified as "natural" not "supernatural." Exactly what does this mean? It means that in no way can the church call it "supernatural" until the prophesied events take place, that is: The Warning, The Miracle, and The perpetual sign. These three supernatural events are unchangeable. Only the fourth major prophecy which is the chastisement is conditional. It depends on whether or not we fulfill the messages of Garabandal given to us by Our Blessed Mother. So because it was the Bishop's own choice not to go public with what we have known right along, (in his letter) out of respect for him and his decision, neither will we go public with it. What the Bishop does say is that: "I don't find it necessary to have a new public declaration..., I accept the decision of my predecessors..." The mimeographed form letter is at least two years old and given only to those how inquire about the position of the church. I first saw it about a year ago, and did not consider it to be anything new or even worth mentioning. No new prohibitions were imposed. Everyone and anyone is free to go to Garabandal, live the messages and make them known. The previous Bishop, Bishop Juan Antionio del Val Gallo, (the only Bishop who actually witnessed the girls in ecstasy while he was still a young priest) removed all the restrictions and prohibitions during the 1980's except one which we reported in The Vigil years ago. Any priest who wishes to offer Holy Mass, of course, must get permission from the local pastor. This is no different from any other Catholic church anywhere else in the world. The visions or any other visions not approved by the church are not to be preached in the village church. Furthermore, while there, Holy Mass may not be offered outside the village church of San Sebastian. (Bishop Del Val may be seen in: Garabandal the Eyewitnesses the only video in the world where he appears during an exclusive interview and reaffirms that the Garabandal Messages are theologically correct. In August 1996 Jacinta visited with Bishop Villaplano, with her family. She asked the Bishop for his permission to accept an invitation to attend a Marian Conference in Mexico. At first he seemed reluctant but then gave her his approval. She was allowed to attend and permit the audience to venerate her crucifix kissed by Our Blessed Mother at Garabandal. She also accepted an invitation to Canada, in November 1996.

Jesus has told us at Garabandal: "Do not be concerned whether they believe you or not, I will do all!!!"

Taken from The Vigil January - April 1997