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"Yes, I saw
them in ecstasy"
Bishop del Val Gallo

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The Vigil... SPECIAL ISSUE 2002

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  • Interview with Bishop del Val Gallo. Now retired Bishop of the diocese of Santander (Garabandal) grants exclusive interview. The Vigil -- Special Issue, 1992.

  • Sister Luisa Maria Father Luis died during an act of love. I never thought God would grant me so many graces with such a holy son. The Vigil -- January-April Issue, 1991.

  • The Story of the Brown Scapular "The woolen scapular that St. Alphonsus wore in life while at the same time promoting and defending vigorously the authenticity of the promises attached to it was found intact when his body was exhumed for his canonization. Yet everything else in his tomb had rotted away. Only the saint's skeleton with his scapular remained. " The Vigil -- May - December 1988.

  • Interview with Father Gustavo Morelos
    "We Now Know That The Miracle Will Happen In The Month Of April ..." The Vigil -- January-April Issue, 1988.

  • Garabandal's message as it relates to Communism "In a Certain Moment… at a Certain Time, It Will Look as Though The Church is Finished." When I Asked Her What is This Called? She Said: "Communism..." The Vigil -- Special Issue, 1992.

  • Read past letters from Maria Saraco. Taken from past editions of The Vigil

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