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"Yes, I saw
them in ecstasy"
Bishop del Val Gallo

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The Vigil... May - August 1984

The following is part of a letter that
Mari-Loli wrote Father Luis Retenaga on October 13, 1963:

"The Virgin has made me know when a priest is in sin. She has helped me to know that he needs many prayers and sacrifices.
Also she has given me to understand the Crucifixion in the Holy Mass, since I comprehend the humility, the sacrifice for world.
I spoke with the Virgin in a locution and asked Her to give me a Cross to suffer for priest. She told me to bear everything with patience and to be humble, which was what pleased God the most.

And I said to Her, 'Am I going to die soon?'
And She said to me,
'No. You have to remain in the world to suffer. In whatever place you are, you will suffer.'

And I said to her, 'Let my parents believe!'
And She said to me,
'They do not believe, so that you will have more to suffer. Suffer with patience.'

She also told me,
'Pray the rosary every day.'

She told me,
'Pray for priests, since there are some who need more sacrifices for them every day.'

And again I said to Her, 'Why don't my parents believe?'
And She said to me,
'Because you have to suffer. You have much to suffer in this world.'

And I said to Her, 'What sacrifices should I make?'
She said to me,
'You have to be more obedient.'

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