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"Yes, I saw
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Bishop del Val Gallo

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From The Vigil special issue 2002

Construction to Begin for the


by Maria Carmela Saraco

The only changes from the road above where Michael, The Archangel and. Our Blessed Mother first appeared have been to install the "Stations of The Cross," Many of the Garabandal apparitions took place there, To this very day the road remains the same in order to retain its original appearance, It is the actual road that leads to the Pine Grove high above the village where visiting pilgrims go to pray because Our Lady appeared there, She promised that the Great future Miracle is to take place over that area, and where God will leave a perpetual supernatural sign. Our Blessed Mother also asked that a small oratory be built in honor of St, Michael. However, the rocks and boulders make it impossible to transport the sick, the elderly and the handicapped that are not able to walk the steep climb.

In all the years that I have been doing this work for Our Lady. never has anyone passed on leaving funds for our organization... that is, until now. We wish to acknowledge receipt of a check in the amount of ten thousand dollars, left to us by Rosemarie Anderson of Reading, Massachusetts, according to her Last Will and Testament. It came as such an unexpected shock that I couldn't help wondering if there was something special that Our Blessed Mother wanted me to do with that money. It just so happened that on February 11, Feastday of Our Lady of Lourdes, I fell down and broke my foot. Since I was not able to walk, it meant I had to use a wheelchair everywhere I went... including Garabandal. After a lot of praying, I realized that Our Lady wanted me to understand how disappointed pilgrims felt who couldn't walk to the Pines. It was then that I knew what had to be done with that very generous Bequest. Yes, THE ROAD OF MERCY WILL BE BUILT on the left side of the rocky path beginning from the village all the way to The Pines. Much to my astonishment, someone who wishes to remain anonymous sent another ten thousand dollars for that purpose so now that makes twenty thousand dollars. The approximate cost of the ROAD OF MERCY is estimated to be about 60,000 thousand dollars.

I have opened a special account for any donation that we receive that specifies ROAD OF MERCY. Please keep this very necessary venture in your daily prayers. The road will be accessible to anyone and everyone and be sure to include both Rosemarie Anderson and all of our other benefactors in your prayers as well.

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