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"Yes, I saw
them in ecstasy"
Bishop del Val Gallo

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The Vigil Special Issue

From The Vigil special issue 2002

Dear Friends of The Blessed Virgin Mary:

In the past, we have always tried to be faithful and accurate in promoting the Garabandal information particularly the FOUR MESSAGES given to the world by Our Blessed Mother during Her more than 2,000 appearances to the four eleven and twelve-year-old visionaries, Mari-Cruz, Jacinta, Maria Dolores, nicknamed Loli, and Conchita. The visions began on June 18, 1961, with the appearance of St. Michael The Archangel, and ended in November 1965. Our Blessed Mother's FIRST Message was given to all four girls and kept secret until October 18, 1961. Her SECOND AND THIRD Messages were given only to Loli and Jacinta on June 19,1962 and June 23, 1962. The last and FOURTH Message was delivered by Michael The Archangel and given only to Conchita on June 18, 1965. All four Messages were for the whole world. However, there have been several different versions published by some Garabandal promoters of the THIRD Message, the one of June 23, 1962. Up to now, in the version that we have always tried to make known, we omitted a very serious sentence...that is..."FEW WILL SEE GOD." It was omitted because I did not have the proof that Our Blessed Mother really said that. However, I now have in my hand an actual photo copy of that THIRD Message WRITTEN, SIGNED, AND DATED by both Loli and Jacinta. Here it is, together with the original Spanish.

San Sebastian,
June 23, 1962
"The Virgin has told us:
The world continues the same...That it has not changed at all. FEW WILL SEE GOD. They are so few that it causes The Virgin much sorrow. What a pity that it does not change. The Virgin told us that the Chastisement is coming seeing that the world is not changing. The cup is filling up. How sad the Virgin was although She didn't let us see it because She loves us so much and She suffers alone. She is so good! Be good everyone so that The Virgin will be happy. She told us that We who are good should pray for those who are bad. Let us pray to God for the world for those who do not know Him. Be good...be very good everyone?'

Maria Dolores Mazon
13 years old
Jacinta Gonzalez
13 years old

San Sebastian
23 de Junio de 1962
"La Virgen nos ha dicho que el mundo sigue igual; que no se ha cambiado nada; que pocos veran a Dios; son tan pocos que a La Virgen la da mucha pena que no cambie; La Virgen nos ha dicho que esta Ilegando el castigo; el mundo no cambia; la copa se esta llenando; Que triste estaba La Virgen! Aunque a nosotros no nos lo de a ver, porque La Virgin nos quiere y ella lo sufre sola, porque es tan buena. Ser buenos todos para que La Virgin se ponga contenta. Nos ha dicho que pidamos los que somos buenos por los que son malos; pidamos aDios por el mundo, por los que no Ie conocen; ser buenos, muy buenos."

Maria Dolores Mazon,
13 anos old
Jacinta Gonzalez,
13 anos old

"FEW WILL SEE GOD" is conditioned upon whether or not we... the world... are willing to LIVE all of the Garabandal Messages so as to hold back the conditional Chastisement that is threatening all of humanity. How long... how long does Our Blessed Mother have to wait for us to turn back to Her Divine Son! HERE AND NOW IS OUR LAST CHANCE!

I thank each of you with all my heart for the necessary support I know you will continue to give us both in generosity and in prayer in order to continue making Our Blessed Mother more known and loved in the world.

May St. Michael accompany us always particularly when we kneel at the feet of Our Lady.

Pray for me and be sure of my prayers too - GOD BLESS YOU!

Maria Carmela Saraco

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