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The Vigil Special Issue

From The Vigil special issue 2002


By Maria Carmela Saraco

Question: Without prejudice nor adding anymore injury to the recent sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clerics in the US and so many parts of the world, with so many victims coming forward. I believe, these priests, who are causing the Church a grave scandal, they are the false Church, their only mission is to destroy the Church. My nephew is a former seminarian at the Friars Minor in Novaliches in the year 1983. He left the seminary three years after. That was almost two decades ago, but, in that two decades ago, he can affirm and testify, that in this seminary, pornographic tapes are being shown inside the seminary. And their chrism of poverty, is not being lived at all.

This is happening In the Philippines. What kind of vocation do you expect them to flourish??? Do you expect this kind of vocation to bear a good and holy priests, but a corrupt and perverted ones will. They are the false Church, and they are false vocations, who hide under the wings of the Church.

What do you expect of seminarians going on a night life, going to bars and night clubs? What do you expect of seminarians and priests going in a liquor drinking spree? And what do you expect of seminarians and priests who indulge on all vices (smoking etc.) while their bodies are supposed to be temples of the Holy Ghost.

What can you expect of these seminarians to be when ordained, when their indoctrination are so corrupt? And being ordained, what kind of priests do you expect them to be?

I would clearly remember that about three years ago, a Filipino priest from Tondo, who was accused of raping a teenage girl (this was covered by TV and newspaper) after two weeks, Cardinal Sin sent him to Austria immediately. Cardinal Sin's action are in no way different to Cardinal Law, Egan; isn't it Our Lady said at Garabandal that many Cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them???

Our Blessed Mother is so right when she gave Her message more than a century ago at la Salette, "The priests, ministers of my Son, the priest, by their wicked lives, by their irreverence and their impiety in the celebration of the holy mysteries, by their love of money, their love of honors and pleasures, the priests have become cesspools of impurity.

Yes, the priests are asking vengeance, and vengeance is hanging over their heads. Woe to the priests and to those dedicated to God who by their unfaithfulness and their wicked lives are crucifying. my Son again."

I do not wish to add anymore fuel to the fire. There is so much already. I no longer believe in most of these "priests," priests who are supposed to be shepherds of their flock, but who are actually wolves under the sheepskin, who prey among their flock.

Priests who live a comfortably luxurious life, priests who are often involved in financial corruption of Church donations, priests who are homosexuals, priests who are perverted and corrupted, priests who are pedophiles, and priests whom I cannot call NOW as Disciple of Christ, but Devil Incarnates.

Those who gives the alibi that priests are simply human and commit mistakes must think a thousand times.

These "priests" commits a double serious grave mortal sin. They are priests. If they want to play, get out of the priesthood. In our society, where evil and sin are prevalent, they, "these priests" should be the one standing up, to give a model of holiness and sanctity, but Lord, what have they done??? They partook in the evil and crime of this society, these "priests" who are consecrating the Body of Christ, are defiling themselves and defiling the Lord Himself, and they act as Judases, but sadly, Judases who hides under the cassock, and who hides under the wings of the Church.

It left me now with no option but to size up and be choosy of priests, few priests who lives in holiness, few priests who still reflects to be as true disciples of Christ. I, sadly, cast a dark shadow of suspicion now to priests.

I am already a granny with two grandchildren, and I no longer wish to take part in the sins and hypocrisy, great hypocrisy of these "priests"

If they lead people to perdition, I do not think so, that being unobedient to them is a sin.

May the Lord bless you, for actions speak louder than words.

Answer: We are NEVER obliged to obey if it means committing a sin. Continue to be strong in the faith... It is the greatest gift that God has given us and above all continue to PRAY FOR PRIESTS as Our Lady taught us at Garabandal.

Question: I have just read your notice regarding the illness of Mari-Loli and note that it dates back a few months. I wonder do you have any update on her condition?

Answer: The news is both good and bad. As I originally reported, she is terminally ill. According to her doctor and the Massachusetts General Hospital she is in the last stages of Pulmonary Fibrosis. However, a third doctor, a specialist in that field, believes because her oxygen level is good and which is not typical in those who are terminally ill that it is possible that she could live another 20 years. He claims he has never encountered a case like hers... and, calls her a "real mystery." He is a well known and respected doctor in his field and is based at Yale University in Connecticut. Here is a possible explanation... a very realistic explanation, part of a letter that Loli wrote to Father Luis Retenaga on October 13, 1963 when she was only 14 years old: "The Virgin has made me know when a priest is in sin. She has helped me to know that he needs many prayers and sacrifices. Also, She has given me to understand the Crucifixion in The Holy Mass, since I comprehend the humility, the sacrifice for the world. I spoke with The Virgin in a locution and asked Her to give me a cross to suffer for priests. She told me to bear everything with patience and to be humble, which was what pleased God the most. And I said to Her, 'Am I going to die soon?' And She said to me: 'No. You have to remain in the world to suffer. In whatever Place you are you will suffer.' She also told me, 'Pray the Rosary everyday. Pray for priests, since there are some who need more sacrifices for them every day.'" Let us keep praying for Loli and her family. They want everyone to know how thankful they are for our prayers and concern and that we too are remembered in their prayers as well.

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